Temple of Fitness

About Me

My fitness experience started back in high school where I wanted to compete in any and every sport I had a skill for. While devoting a great amount of my time to staying active, I developed a liking towards helping others stay healthy and fit. From creating custom workout plans to meeting individuals at the gym or park for random workout sessions, I found myself wanting to help others in any possible way. After a while I began venturing out and connecting with others aspiring to make a change in society's standard of health. It didn't occur to me until the year of 2019 that my passion for fitness and health could progress on as a career. Connecting with other trainers and nutritionists opened my eyes and inspired me to go above and beyond from where I became comfortable. 

My first step in beginning my career journey started with assisting and shadowing successful trainers who I could look towards for guidance and knowledge. I knew that surrounding myself with those who could build me up would keep me striving for nothing but the best, and to this day I still stand in doing just that! With multiple certifications under my belt, I continue to gain more knowledge and understanding in the field to better benefit and make more of an impact on any and every individual I come in contact with. While fitness and health is a top priority in my life, I look forward to making it a top priority in others!